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Kianpour Historical Residence

At the beginning of the word and before of the describing Kianpour's traditional hotel There is an important speech, that, the oldest pattern in the building is the pattern of four sofe that also is called Four houses or Four fronts. In ancient Iranian architecture, Architecture Home is designed and built on the basis and specific patterns, that these Principles Whether at home of nobility and in the homes of ordinary people always can be followed. This pattern for the following reasons is compatible and proportionate with Iranian life. very First, this is an introverted model that is consistent with the Iranian culture, the second that temperature fluctuations within is very small that causes be cool in summer and be warm in winter, Third this pattern can be covered either the arch and dome and the wooden roof. Four houses pattern was basis pattern for all homes Iranian that Widespread species of this pattern is a home with Myansra(yard) in the middle that acts serve as a skylight. Rooms around Myansra was four sofe and middle part as being large which Becomes to a Myansara and other cannot be covered and were created townhouses Pattern. In the homes with myansara , each section of the house is built on one side of myansara , sometimes three side or four side of the building was room. In the winter and the cold Be used of sides that opened To the south and southeast West are open in and be availed of sides that opened to the North because are Sunblind. Kianpour's historical house Is located in the posht baroo quarter.

Kian pour Historical House Eco-lodge Address: N 76 Gool - Edavodi Blind Alley, Isfahan

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