Private Tour in Isfahan Historical Center and Most Highlighted Ones


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Naghsh-e Jahan Square
Royal Mosque
Lotfollah Mosque
Ali-qapoo Palace
Chehel Sotoon Palace
Hasht Behesht Palace
Jame Mosque
Shaking Minarets
Fire Temple
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Location: Isfahan
Duration:  8 Hours (approx.)
Transport: Depends on Numbers (Private car, Van, Bus)
Departure point: Tour departs from all hotels in Isfahan.
Departure time: 09.00 AM
Hotel pickups commence approximately 10 minutes prior to this time, exact pickup time will be advised on reconfirmation.
Return details: Returns to original departure point.


What You Can Expect

The Meidan Emam is a public urban square in the center of Esfahan, a city located on the main north-south and east-west routes crossing central Iran. It is one of the largest city squares in the world and an outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Built by the Safavid Shah Abbas I in the early 17th century, the square is bordered by two-storey arcades and anchored on each side by four magnificent buildings: to the east, the Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque; to the west, the pavilion of Ali Qapu; to the north, the portico of Qeyssariyeh; and to the south, the celebrated Royal Mosque. A homogenous urban ensemble built according to a unique, coherent, and harmonious plan, the Meidan Emam was the heart of the Safavid capital and is an exceptional urban realization. 

Chehel Sotoun (also Chehel Sotoon) is a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, in Isfahan built by Shah Abbas II to be used for the Shah's entertainment and receptions. In this palace, Shah Abbas II and his successors would receive dignitaries and ambassadors, either on the terrace or in one of the stately reception halls.

Once the most luxuriously decorated palace in Esfahan, the interior of the small Hasht Behesht Palace has been extensively damaged over the years, but it retains some spectacular details, including a superb stalactite ceiling with delicate painting. The same keyhole plasterwork seen in the Kakh-e Ali Qapu is featured on a small scale here too. The soaring wooden columns on the palace's open-sided terrace are almost as tall as those still growing in the parkland that frames it. A popular meeting place for retired Esfahani men, the park has a seductive tranquillity that offers the promise of peace in a city of pace.

Masjed-e Jame is the oldest Friday (congregational) mosque in Iran, located in the historical center of Isfahan. The monument illustrates a sequence of architectural construction and decorative styles of different periods in Iranian Islamic architecture, covering 12 centuries, most predominantly the Abbasid, Buyid, Seljuq, Ilkhanid, Muzzafarid, Timurid and Safavid eras. Following its Seljuq expansion and the character introduction of the four iwans (Chahar) around the courtyard as well as two extraordinary domes, the mosque became the prototype of a distinctive Islamic architectural style.

In Iran, there are some minarets which have the ability to shake called Monar Jonban; The most famous Monar Jonban, one is located in Isfahan and other in Ardakan and Kharanegh. The Monar Jonban (Shaking Minarets) is a monument located in Isfahan in which mystic known as Abdullah Karladany was buried. It is a building with 9-meter width and 17 meters height and famous for its shaking minarets; when one of the minarets shakes, the other one start shaking and whole building too.

Iran has many archaeological wonders to admire from ancient time. One of them is the Zoroastrian fire temple Atashgah in the big city Esfahan - Isfahan. It is well constructed and has its own charm, but can not compete with other Iranian wonders which are notified on UNESCO's World Heritage list as Bam and its Cultural Landscape (2004), Pasargadae (2004), Persepolis (1979), Soltaniyeh (2005), Takht-e Soleyman (2003), Tchogha Zanbil (1979) and the amazing building the Meidan Emam Mosque in Esfahan (1979). Anyway, Atashgah is a great wonder. Other great wonders in Esfahan are the Friday Mosque, the Shaky Minarets, Christian churches in the Jolfa district and the bridges across the Zayandeh river. The mentioned Zoroastrian fire temple is rising up from the top of a hill. It`s the only one in Esfahan and there is the special story behind it.

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