Do you know the banned things in Iran ?

Any tourist, who decides to visit Iran, ask about the banned things in Iran. Each country has a specific set of values and standards due to its national dominant religion, history and beliefs. Sometimes laws, rules and regulations may seem odd for foreigners.

The basis for banning things in Iran, like many countries, is its religion. The government restricts people to action based on Islamic laws, which tourists can find some of them completely surprising.

Here you can find a list of things banned in Iran :

Is alcohol illegal in Iran

1-Is alcohol illegal in Iran ?

Alcohol illegal in Iran” may be a surprising term for tourists as alcohol consumption is common in a large number of societies. However, it has been forbidden for Muslims in Iran since the 1979 revolution by Islamic Republic government. In Islam, whatever harms human being is definitely prohibited and alcohol, considered as an intoxicant, is not allowed to be produced or consumed. Despite the ban on alcohol for Muslims, non- Muslims are permitted to produce alcohol for their consumption limitedly. Alcohol is one of the banned things in Iran to produce, sell and drink in public.

Is dancing illegal In Iran

2- Is dancing illegal In Iran ?

Although dancing has been considered as an inseparable element of Persian history and tradition, Islamic law has announced public dancing illegal in Iran. Furthermore, the strict dance laws are based on an individual’s gender and women are not allowed to dance in the presence of men not being their immediate family members. Even making video films of Iranian women and spreading around the world is known as a crime and dancers are criminals.

Is music illegal in Iran

3- Is music illegal in Iran ?

Some sort of music illegal in Iran, determined by marja’, is among the banned things in Iran. Muslims believe some musical sounds and instruments are harmful for the soul, particularly the musical pieces composed to accompany dance. So Iran’s official media has been forbidden to broadcast these kinds of music.

Is having dogs illegal in Iran

4-Is having dogs illegal in Iran ?

In many countries, dog is one of the most popular pets. Although Iranian people know that the government made keeping dogs illegal in Iran“, you can see dogs freely stroll down the streets. Anyway, you should know that keeping dogs at home and walking the dogs in public places are forbidden and punishable in order that dogs are known unclean in Islamic culture.

Is Zumba illegal in Iran

5- Is Zumba illegal in Iran ?

The government consider Zumba illegal in Iran. Zumba is a fun aerobic exercise mixing with dance movements. Owing to its rhythmic or dancing moves, Zumba classes have been banned in any shape in Iran since 2017. The government’s authorities declared Zumba classes are contrary to Islamic ideology.

Are tattoos illegal in Iran

6- Are tattoos illegal in Iran ?

Why are tattoos illegal in Iran ? Most Iranians consider Tattooing as an anti-value act based on their culture. However, it is only forbidden in particular conditions. The tattoos which contain obscene or nasty images on some visible parts of the body such as face, hands and arms are the punishable ones.

Are bananas illegal in Iran

7-Are bananas illegal in Iran ?

Bananas illegal in Iran !!? Decades of bad press make some tourists think bananas are illegal in Iran. However, there is no logical or religious reason to ban bananas and it’s some kind of joke.

Is VPN illegal in Iran

8-Is VPN illegal in Iran ?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) unblock content and improve privacy. So, they have become increasingly popular around the globe. But, is using VPN illegal in Iran ?

Signing up with a VPN provider registered and approved by the government is legal. However, the main reason to use VPN is to access the government-blocked websites. So, VPNs that would be useful to most people are the illegal ones.

What you’ve read were some of the banned things in Iran.

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