Kish Island Travel Guide

Kish Island is located in the southern part of Iran, in the Persian Gulf. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran . Its historical sites, its beautiful beach, and its many shopping centers have made it an ideal place to visit for those looking for some time off when they travel Iran. Around two million tourists visit Kish Island every year. A Kish Island travel guide can help you find the most suitable places to visit during your stay. Please be mindful of the rules you need to follow in Iran, especially make a note of banned thing in Iran and Iran dress code for ladies.

Things to do in Kish

There are many things to do in Kish when you go Iran . The island has been of great note throughout history, even as far back as the Achaemenid Empire era. As such, it is of great interest from a historical point of view. Harireh Ancient City is one of the most important archeological sites on the island the history of which goes back to eight centuries ago. The island is also full of amusement parks and entertainment centers including a zoo, an aquarium, a birds garden, numerous shopping centers, and an aqua park on its beautiful beach, which attract many visitors to the island each year. Kish is also one of the best places to rent car in Iran and many of the latest models can be rented at affordable rates. You can find the addresses to these establishments in a Kish Island travel guide.

How to get around Kish

iran transportation bus maps icon

Kish Bus Map

You will not find full-sized buses on the island. Instead, there are a great number of minibuses that transfer passengers to their destinations. Instead of a Kish bus map, you should look for a public transportation map of the island where you can find the locations of the over fifty stations on the island.

iran transportation Metro Map icon

Kish Metro Map

Since taxis and other means of public transport are enough to cover the needs of passengers even during the busiest seasons, there is no metro network on the island, and consequently, no Kish metro map.

iran transportationTaxi Service icon

Taxi Service in Kish

Most visitors to the island choose a taxi service in Kish to get to their destinations. The Kish taxi fleet consists of high-quality and comfortable cars that can be either found at the various stations throughout the island or summoned to anywhere you happen to be on the island through a phone call.

iran transportationTaxi App icon

Taxi App in Kish

Using a taxi app in Kish to call for a taxi has become a common practice in recent years. There are many taxis available no matter what time of day and night you might need one, and finding the nearest one using an Iran taxi application is quite easy.

What to See Around Kish

You should refer to a Kish travel guide to find out what to see around Kish. You can go to one of the shopping centers on the island to buy a souvenir of Iran , visit the historical sites on the island like the Greek Ship and Kariz Underground City, or enjoy a great time on the beach and in one of the amusement parks. Iranian food can be found in all the restaurants throughout the island. Having a Kish Island travel guide with you is going to help you get around the island much more easily.

Kish Underground City (Kariz-e-Kish)

The main attraction of Kish Underground City (Kariz-e Kish) is its 2500-year-old water supply network which uses the qanat system. In addition to enjoying this marvel of the ancient world, visitors can also use the facilities that have been constructed more recently to provide various services for tourists. These facilities include stores selling Iranian handicrafts, restaurants where Iranian food is served, and a museum. If you are on one of Iran sightseeing tours , visiting Kish Underground City (Kariz-e Kish) should be one of your top priorities.

Address:Kariz Underground City, Hormozgan Province, Kish, Olympic Sq.، Mirmohana, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–9PM

Kish Underground City
kariz-e-kish iran

The Ancient Town of Harireh

Located on the northern side of the island, the Ancient Town of Harireh is an eight-hundred-year-old city which, according to excavations, had been active until as recently as four hundred years ago. This archeological site includes a bathhouse, a mosque, a network of qanats, a glassworks workshop, and an old mansion.

Address:Harireh Ancient City, Hormozgan Province, Kish, Karane, Iran

Opening Hours: 10AM–10PM

Historical architecture of Harireh
The Ancient Town of Harireh
Concrete city Harireh

The Aristocratic House

Located in the Ancient Town of Harire is an aristocratic house that, according to the excavations conducted at the site, is a remnant of the Ilkhanate era. The veranda, the guest house, and the kitchen are among the distinguishable parts of the house which can be visited by tourists.

The Aristocratic House

Kolbeh Hoor

Kolbeh Hoor is a cape located on the western side of the island. The clear waters of the sea at this part have made it a haven for divers who can have an unforgettable experience here. Javelingrunter, John’s snapper, and various types of turtles and seashells are among the sea creatures which can be observed at the site.

Address:Kolbeh Hoor

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Kolbeh Hoor kish island
flyboard iran

Flyboard Iran

One of the most recent inventions in the field of sea sports is the flyboard. You can enjoy flyboard Iran in Kish Island, which can be found at the beach and in amusement parks.

Address:Flyboard Kish Club, Tehran Province, Tehran, Jahan Road, Cimorgh Saheli Park, Behind Hotel, Kish, Iran
dive persia

Dive Persia

Dive Persia is a diving store in Kish Island. In addition to buying the necessary equipment in the shop, visitors can make use of the available sport and technical diving training courses at the center.

Address:Dive Persia

Opening Hours: 10:30AM–1:30PM 5:30–10:30PM

Maryam Beach Kish

Maryam Beach Kish

Marjan Beach Kish is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. All types of facilities for the convenience of the visitors have been provided to make their stay at this beach an unforgettable one. An amusement park and a diving center are among the places you can go to on the beach. Furthermore, clean pergolas are available to help you relax at the beach.

Green Tree Complex

Located right next to the Ancient Town of Harireh, Green Tree Complex is the biggest park on the Island. The main attraction of the area is a banyan tree which is over five centuries old.

Address:Kish Island, Kish, Iran
green tree complex

Kish Diving Center

Kish Diving Center has been providing diving training and diving tours for visitors for almost three decades and is considered one of the oldest diving centers of the country which is still in business. For those looking for a safe dive with the help of professionals, Kish Diving Center is one of the best options.

Address:Kish Diving Center, Kish, Behind Hotel Shayan، Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–4PM

Kish Diving Center

Kish Dolphin Park

As the first dolphin park in Iran, Kish Dolphin Park is one of the must-see attractions of the island. In additions to dolphins, sea lions, walruses, penguins and many other sea creatures can be seen at the park. Over fifty species of birds have been gathered in the park’s birds garden.

Address:Dolphin Park, Kish, Hormozgan Province, Iran

Opening Hours: 3:30–8:30PM

kish dolphin park

Greek Ship Khoula

Built over seventy-five years ago in Glasgow, Scotland, Greek Ship Khoula was on her way to Greece when she ran aground near Kish Island over fifty years ago. Today, it has become the symbol of Kish Island and is one of its most recognizable tourist attractions where people gather to watch the sunset.

greek ship khoula f
cable ski in south island in iran kish island
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Kish's Highlights, Sport Activities

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Best Restaurants in Kish

Kish is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran, and as such, there are a great number of restaurants on the island where top-quality food is served. If you are looking for traditional Iranian food, Kooh-e Sangi is your best option. For a more diverse menu with international dishes, try Royal Star Restaurant. You can consult a Kish Island travel guide to find the best restaurants in Kish according to your preferences.

iranian resturant shade
  • Foodland Kish
  • Cafe Marina Park
  • Shandiz Safdari Kish
  • Royal Star Restaurant Kish
  • Grand Recreational Pier

Koohenoor Restaurant

Koohenoor restaurant is one of the more unique establishments on the island. The main point of attraction here is, of course, the way the restaurant is decorated within its all-stone space. You can find all kinds of international food on the restaurant’s menu, but if you want to try traditional Iranian food, you should look elsewhere.

Koohenoor Restaurant
Interiors of Mount Nour Restaurant
Royal Star Restaurant

Royal Star Restaurant

Royal Star Restaurant is known for its top-quality dishes, especially when it comes to seafood, throughout the island. You can also find traditional Iranian food on the menu, which is also of top-quality. Royal Star Restaurant is one of the top recommendations in any Kish Island travel guide.

Royal star room interior

Shandiz Safdari Restaurant

One of the oldest and best-known restaurants on the island, Shandiz Safdari restaurant is located on the beach, which gives it a unique atmosphere. You can listen to live music while enjoying your meals at this restaurant. The menu includes both international dishes and traditional Iranian food.

Shandiz Safdari Restaurant
Interiors of Shandiz Safdari Restaurant
Live music of Shandiz Safdari Restaurant

Padideh Kish Restaurant

Located on the southwestern part of the island, Padideh Kish Restaurant is among the best on the island. The most recognizable feature of the restaurant is its see-through floor which provides a unique experience for the guests. You can find traditional Iranian food, seafood, and international dishes on the menu.

Padideh Kish Restaurant
Outdoor restaurant Kish phenomenon
padideh glass floor restaurant in kish island sea sightseeing

Shopping Malls in Kish

Kish is a free trading region, which has made it one of the main centers of commerce in the entire country. There are many shopping malls in Kish; some of the better-known ones are Damoon Mall, Diplomat Mall, Royal Mall, Marjan, and Kish Trade Center. No matter which Iran travel guide you refer to, shopping malls in Kish are always among the top recommendations.

  • Pardis Shopping Center
  • Damoon Mall Kish
  • Kish Trade Center
  • Kish Fish Market
  • Roya Mall
  • Sarina Mall kish

Damoon Mall Kish

With over a hundred stores, a traditional Iranian food restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, French restaurant, and a great view of the sea, the three-story Damoon Mall Kish is one of the most modern shopping centers on the island which were opened in 2011. Despite their relatively recent opening, they have already become the main shopping stops on the island.

Damoon Mall Kish

Sarina Mall Kish

Located on the eastern side of Kish, the 10-story Sarina Mall Kish is one of the biggest shopping centers on the island. In addition to numerous shops, the complex includes an art gallery, a food court with traditional Iranian food restaurants as well as international restaurants, and a movie theater.

Sarina Mall Kish

Pardis Shopping Center

With two branches on the island, Pardis Shopping Center is one of the most recognizable names for those who travel to Kish for shopping. In addition to many stores, each of these branches includes restaurants, coffee shops, banks, travel agencies, and more.


Pardis Shopping Center

Kish Trade Center

With close to five hundred stores, Kish Trade Center is the top choice for shoppers on the island. A rotating restaurant with a great view, numerous coffee shops, and fast food restaurants are among the available facilities at Kish Trade Center. Many of the most recognizable brands in the world of fashion, including Gucci, Zara, and Chanel have branches in this shopping center.

Kish Trade Center

Hotels in Kish

iranian hotel icon

Hotels in Kish island are among the best in the entire country. The island has always been considered one of the top tourist destinations in Iran; consequently, investments in its tourism section have remained substantial over the years. This fact is reflected in the quality of the hotel services on the island. Darius Grand Hotel, Marina Park Hotel, Toranj Hotel, and Iran Hotel are among the best establishments on the island. A Kish Island travel guide can help you find the best hotels according to your budget and needs.

  • Sorinet Maryam Hotel Kish Hormozgan Province Iran
  • Dariush Grand Hotel in Kish Island
  • Shaygan Hotel Kish Iran
  • Shayan Kish Hotel
  • Toranj Hotel Kish Island
  • Marina Park Hotel Kish
  • Iran International Hotel Kish
  • International Hotel Kish
  • Jamejam Kish Hotel
  • Vida Hotel Kish
  • Parmis Hotel Kish Island
  • Sadaf Hotel Kish
  • Helia Hotel Kish
  • Didaniha Hotel Kish
  • Parsian Hotel Kish
  • Eram Grand Hotel Kish
  • Tamasha Hotel Kish Island

Kish Air port

Kish International Airport

Given the fact that Kish Island is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran, it is no wonder that Kish international airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. Over thirty million passengers go through this airport every year.

Kish International Airport

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