Iran birdwatching tours

Some of tourists who travel to Iran are ornithologist and they eager to learn about birds in different parts of the world specially in Iran as a 4-seasons country with different climatic conditions. So this kind of tourists mostly apply for Iran birdwatching tours. Thanks to birdwatching holiday in Iran for year-round and home to more than 520 species the number of tourists who apply for Iran bird watching tours is getting more and more.

There are more than 50 endangered or critically endangered species barely in Iran that can reach in any other middle Eastern country. In Easygo iran we benefit from the knowledge of Iran travel guide who are expert in birding to increase the quality of our tailor made tours Iran in this field.

Tour of free birds in Iran's wildlife

Birding in Iran

Two factors that attract tourist to Iran for Iran birdwatching tours are: the vast range of habitats and Iran position among three major faunal regions. Birding in Iran can be operated in different birding areas of the country including the protected areas and wildlife refuges.

We can find out a large Western and small Eastern Palearctic faunal element in Iran in the central Alborz and Zagros mountains and northern east of Iran in the high lands of Khorasan respectively. So even you are professional in birding we can provide you travel guides for Iran birdwatching tours to give you more details about Iran wildlife refuges.

List of some birds in Iran

Despite the large portions of Iran are arid and semi-arid, Iran is home to diverse bird fauna. There are 105 important bird areas in Iran which are in the list of Bird Life International community. You can find the list of some birds in Iran below;

Loons • Grebes • Shearwaters and petrels • Austral storm petrels • Tropicbirds • Boobies and gannets • Cormorants • Darters • Pelicans • Bitterns, herons and egrets • Ibises and spoonbills • Storks • Flamingos • Ducks, geese and swans • Osprey • Hawks, kites and eagles • Caracaras and falcons • Grouse • Larks • Swallows and martins • Wagtails and pipits • Bulbuls • Kinglets • Waxwings • Grey hypocolius • Dippers • Wrens • Accentors • Thrushes and allies • Cist colas and allies • Streaked scrub warbler • Cettid warblers • Locustellid warblers • Acrocephaly warblers

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