Yazd Travel Guide

Due to its unique culture, delightful architecture, and beautiful nature, Yazd is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran. Yazd was the center of the Atabegs dynasty for almost two centuries during which its culture progressed significantly. This progress has made Yazd one of the main stops on Iran cultural tours today. The city’s architecture has been developing under the influence of its dry climate for many centuries, with the windcatcher as its most recognizable symbol. This development is manifest in the many magnificent structures around the city, which have made Yazd a great destination for Iran sightseeing tours. The deserts around Yazd provide some of the most beautiful scenery for nature-lovers, especially at night when the sky is illuminated by thousands of stars. This desert scenery grants those on Iran photography tours many opportunities for taking great shots. Furthermore, these deserts have become some of the most popular destinations for Iran safari tours. You can find all the information you need about the city’s tourist attractions in your Yazd travel guide.

Things to do in Yazd

Depending on your favorite types of activities, there are many things to do in Yazd. If you want to visit some historical buildings, your main destination should be The Old City of Yazd, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some other options are Water Reservoirs (Ab Anbar) of Six Wind Catchers, Masjed-e Jameh Yazd, and Amir Chakhmakh Complex. If you want to do some shopping, especially if you are looking for a souvenir of Iran, Yazd’s five-hundred-year-old bazaar is your best option. If you want some relaxing time in nature, the deserts around the city are great for Iran safari tours. You will also find many opportunities for photography in these deserts, especially during the night. For a comprehensive list of recommended activities, refer to your Yazd travel guide.

How to get around Yazd

iran transportation bus maps icon

Yazd Bus Map

Using a bus in Yazd is one of the most convenient ways of getting around the city. There are bus stops all over the city, many of which are close to popular tourist destinations. You can find these bus stops on a Yazd bus map, available in your Yazd travel guide.

iran transportation Metro Map icon

Yazd Metro Map

While Yazd is one of the metropolises of Iran, there is no metro service in the city yet. That is why you cannot find a Yazd metro map in your Yazd travel guide. For now, other forms of public transportation have been able to satisfy the population’s needs.

iran transportationTaxi Service icon

Taxi Service in Yazd

Passengers who want to get to their destinations as fast as possible can use taxi services in Yazd. To do so, they have two options: going to one of the taxi stations throughout the city or calling a taxi to where they are via phone or mobile app.

iran transportationTaxi App icon

Taxi App in Yazd

You can install a taxi app in Yazd on your phone. These apps help you find the nearest available taxis. Taxis you find via these apps usually charge lower rates compared to the ones you can find at taxi stations.

What to See in Yazd

Once you have decided what kind of place you want to go to, you can choose one of the many tourist destinations in Yazd. There are many historical sites in the city. A great number of shopping centers, both modern and traditional, are available in case you are in a shopping mood. You can also familiarize yourself with Iranian food culture in a traditional restaurant. If you want to get more information about what to see in Yazd, you should refer to your Yazd travel guide.

The Old City of Yazd

The Old City of Yazd is a neighborhood in Yazd where the houses and alleyways have preserved in their original traditional form. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Clay is the most prominent construction material you can see in this neighborhood. The traditional architecture of buildings and the light brown color which can be seen everywhere have created a unique atmosphere, which reminds visitors of the One Thousand and One Nights stories. It is one of the best spots in the city for those on Iran photography tours.

The Old City of Yazd
Sabat in Yazd
One of historical alleys
Alleyways in the old city of Yazd

Water Reservoirs (Ab Anbar ) of Six Wind Catchers

Water Reservoirs of Six Wind Catchers were built during the Qajar Dynasty. The reason behind its naming is that the building includes six windcatcher structures. Windcatchers are tower-like structures that can generate cool air without using any kind of fuel. These windcatchers were used to keep the water stored in the reservoirs cool.

Ab anbar Rostam Giv, Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Masjid-e Jameh Yazd

Masjid-e Jameh Yazd

Masjid-e Jameh Yazd is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. The first foundations of the building were laid during the Sasanid era, but work on the current building began during the Ilkhanate era and was completed around a century later in the Qajar era. The building is famous for its beautiful double-layer dome, its exquisite lazuli tilework, and it imposing minarets which at 52 meters are among the tallest in the world.

Jame Mosque of Yazd, Yazd Province, Yazd, خيابان مسجد جامع، Iran
alexander prison yazd

Alexander’s (Eskandar) Prison Yazd

Alexander’s (Eskandar) Prison Yazd, also known as Ziyaeiyeh School, is an eight-hundred-year-old building that is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city. According to a local legend, Alexander had used this place as a prison during his campaign in Persia. Unlike most buildings from the same era, there are no tilework decorations in Alexander’s Prison. In fact, the only material used in its construction is clay.

Alexander's Prison, Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–7PM

Inside Atashkadeh Yazd

Atashkadeh Yazd (Fire Temple Yazd)

Atashkadeh Yazd (Fire Temple Yazd) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city because it houses a fire that has been burning for over 1500 years. It is among the most important temples of Zoroastrians, who have been practicing their religion in Iran since 400 BC. The current building with its simple architecture was constructed during the Pahlavi era.

آتشکده یزد، Yazd Province, Yazd, Kashani Rd, Iran
Atashkadeh Yazd

Yazd Water Museum

Yazd has one of the driest climates in Iran. Water has played an important role throughout the ages in this city. Yazd Water Museum is where you can see the importance of water supply management and how it has shaped the history of the region. The 2000-year-old qanat which runs under the museum’s grounds is still active and can be considered the museum’s most important historical curiosity.

Yazd Water Museum, Yazd Province, Yazd, Qiyam, Iran

Opening Hours: 8AM–7PM

Yazd Water Museum
amir chakhmaq complex yazd

Amir Chakhmakh complex

Amir Chakhmakh Complex is actually a vast square in Yazd’s city center consisting of a tekyeh, a bazaar, a mosque, and two water reservoirs, which date back to the Timurid Empire era. Tekyeh Amir Chakhmakh is the most important construction in this complex. Its beautiful architecture and imposing minarets have made it one of the icons of Yazd City. Each year, it is the scene of a famous gathering of mourners during the month of Muharram.

Amir Chakhmag Complex‌, Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

Dowlat Abad Garden Yazd Province

Dowlat Abad Garden Yazd Province is one of the Iranian gardens which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under “The Persian Garden” heading. It was built around three centuries ago during the Zand era. The most conspicuous characteristic of the building is its wind catcher, which at 33.8 meters is the tallest clay construction of its kind in the world.

Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd, Iran

Opening Hours: 8AM–11PM

The Dowlatabad Windcatcher

The Dowlatabad Windcatcher is located in Dowlat Abad Garden in the city of Yazd. At 33.8 meters, it is the tallest clay windcatcher in the world. It was built around three centuries ago during the Zand era and is considered a great feat of engineering and architecture of its time.

Dowlat Abad Garden, Yazd, Iran

Opening Hours: 8AM–11PM

Zoroastrian Dakhmeh Yaz ( Tower of  Silence Yazd )

Located fifteen kilometers outside the city of Yazd, you will find Zoroastrian Dakhmeh Yazd (Tower of Silence Yazd). In this archeological site, which dates back to the Safavid era, you can see two stone towers with empty inner spaces. These spaces were the place of sky burial ceremonies. It was a funeral practice in which human corpses were placed on the mountaintops to be decomposed and eaten by birds. After a while, these spaces would be cleaned and disinfected to be used for the next series of burials.

Zoroastrians Dakhmeh (Tower of Silence), Yazd Province, Yazd, بلوار شهیدان اشرف, Iran

Opening Hours: 7AM–6:30PM

chak chak zoroastrian

Chak Chak (Zoroastrian Shiraz)

Chak Chak (Zoroastrian Yazd) is a Zoroastrian temple near the city of Yazd. It is one of the most important places of worship for Zoroastrians of Iran where they spend fourteen days each year for religious activities. Fires, as the symbol of purity in the Zoroastrian religion, are kept burning in this place all the time. Chak Chak is also known as the “Pir-e Sabz” among Zoroastrians.

Chahak-e Ardakan, Iran
pir-e sabz chak chak
Yazd Art House

Yazd Art House

Located in the old part of the city, Yazd Art House is among the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Visitors can see how an actual old clay house looks like and take a peek inside the rooms and courtyards. There is a café for refreshments, an art gallery, and a store for those who want to buy a souvenir of Iran as well. Furthermore, those on Iran photography tours can get a great view from the roof.

Yazd Art House, Yazd Province, Yazd, next to the Chehel Mehrab mosque, quarter,، Fahadan, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–11PM

lari house yazd

Lari House

Lari House dates back to over 150 years ago and was built during the Qajar era. It is one of the biggest and best-preserved mansions of the era. The prism mirror decorations and stuccos are among the most beautiful in the city of Yazd. Its spacious courtyard, as well as its windcatcher and magnificent architecture, have made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Little Lari House, Yazd Province, Yazd, #67, Hosseini Street, 23rd Street, Imam St, Iran
hazireh mosque yazd

Hazireh Mosque

Hazireh Mosque is one of the newest additions to Yazd’s long list of beautiful buildings. In fact, parts of it are still under construction to this day. The main portal with its two tall minarets has been decorated with lazuli tiles and calligraphy. Inside the mosque, there are two shabestans, both with magnificent tilework decorations on the walls and intricate woodwork designs on the doors. Blue and brown are the prominent colors here. One symbolizes the firmament, while the other represents the earth.

مسجد حظیره(روضه محمدیه)مرقدشهیدصدوقی, Yazd, امام مرقد شهید, Sadooqi, Iran
garden in autumn in mehriz near yazd
Authentic 1 Day Yazd Tour

Zein-Al-Din Caravansary, Saryazd Village, Fah-raj Village

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meybod castle at day light in near yazd
1 Day Excursion in Yazd Neighborhood

Meybod, Chak Chak Zorostraine, Kharanagh Village and Citadel, Pigeon House, Adobe Ice House, Zilo Museum, Meybod Abbassi Caransaraye, Narin Citadel

51 $

mesr village in cloudy day with a lot of visitors perfect desert in isfahan province
8 Day Tour Package Through Central Iranian Deserts

Yazd Sightseeing, Taft Sightseeing, Chak Chak and Kharanagh, Bayazeh, Garmeh, Mesr and Farahzad Village, Jandaq, Damghan, Oprt Village and Camp, Semnan, Veresk

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Best Restaurants in Yazd

Yazd is famous all over Iran for its delicious food. It is one of the best cities if you want to experience Iranian food culture and get an unforgettable taste of Iranian food. Some of the best restaurants in Yazd which are dedicated to traditional Iranian food are Talar-e Yazd, Caesar, Malek-o Tojjar, and Khan Dohed. Please refer to your Yazd travel guide for more information about these and many other restaurants including their addresses and menus.

iranian resturant shade
  • Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant
  • Termeh Toranj Yazd
  • Caesar Restaurant Yazd
  • Nardoon Cafe Yazd
  • Baharestan Restaurant Yazd
  • Hamam-e-khan Restaurant
    Malek-o Tojjar Restaurant
caesar restaurant yazd

Caesar Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Yazd with a modern atmosphere, Caesar Restaurant serves traditional Iranian and Italian food. It is located on the southern part of Yazd on Kashani Street. You can listen to live piano while eating at this restaurant.

Malek-o Tojjar Restaurant

If you are looking for a restaurant with a traditional Iranian atmosphere, Malek-o Tojjar Restaurant is an easy recommendation. It is close to important tourist destinations in the city, such as Amir Chakhmakh square and Masjid-e Jameh. Today, the old clay building where this restaurant is located has been renovated to house a 4-star hotel. The atmosphere is sure to satisfy your thirst for the exotic. The menu entirely consists of traditional Iranian food.

malek o tojjar restaurant yazd
traditional food malek o tojjar restaurant yazd
historical house malek o tojjar
The ceiling of the traditional marco polo Hotel

Marco-Polo Rooftop Restaurant

Marco Polo Rooftop Restaurant Yazd is located in the old part of the city and in close proximity to many of the popular tourist attractions in the city. You can choose one of the traditional Iranian dishes from the restaurant’s menu which is available in both Farsi and English. It is located on a rooftop with a great view of many historical buildings.

marco polo rooftop restaurant yazd

Shopping Malls in Yazd

There are many shopping malls in Yazd and you will not have any trouble finding one for your needs. If you want to buy a souvenir of Iran , the old bazaar is your best option. Here, you will be able to enjoy the bazaar’s traditional atmosphere and mingle with people while looking for the perfect memento of your time in Iran. There are many modern shopping centers in the city as well. Aria Shopping Mall, Shaqhayegh Shopping Mall, Kowitiha Shopping Mall, and Shahab Complex are some of the better-known shopping centers in the city.

  • Oasis Gallery Yazd
  • Yazd City Center

Oasis Gallery Yazd

Located in the middle of Amir Chakhmakh Square, which is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the city, Oasis Gallery Yazd is a great place if you are looking to buy a souvenir of Iran. You can find all kinds of Iranian handicrafts in this store, including pottery, carpets, kilims, ceramics, calligraphy, and paintings.

Oasis Gallery Yazd

Hotels in Yazd City

iranian hotel icon

When choosing hotels in Yazd City, you will have the option to pick one with a historical background which has preserved its traditional atmosphere. When you are staying in these hotels, you will have the chance to experience what life would have been like when these historical buildings were in use every day by the people who lived centuries ago. Some of these hotels in Yazd City are Dad Hotel, Moshir Garden Hotel, and Fahadan Museum hotel. Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel, whose architecture is a mixture of traditional and modern elements, can be a great option as well. You can find the contact information of these and many other hotels in your Yazd travel guide.

  • Yazd Hostel RestUp
  • Nartitee Ecolodge Yazd
  • Narenjestan Traditional House
  • Yazd Friendly Hotel
  • Jungle Hotel Yazd
  • Orient Hotel Yazd
  • Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel
  • Shaarbaf Hotel Yazd
  • Silk Road Hotel Yazd
  • Yazd Hotel Oasis
  • Dad Hotel Yazd
  • Backpack Hotel Yazd
  • Traditional Kohan Hotel
  • Zein-o-Din Caravanserai
  • Hotel Laleh Yazd
  • Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel Yazd Province Yazd
  • Yazd Star Hotel
  • Yazd Arg-E-Jadid Hotel
  • Seneek Home Yazd
  • Ali Baba Traditional Hotel Yazd
  • Fazeli Hotel Yazd
  • Moshir Caravanserai Yazd Hotel
  • Vali Traditional Hotel Yazd
  • Dalane Behesht Hotel
  • Khaloo Mirza Hotel
  • Khane Dohad Hotel Yazd
  • Rostagh House Yazd
  • Seven Hostel in Yazd
  • Termeh Hotel Yazd
  • Badgir Hostel Yazd
  • Fahadan Museum Hotel
  • Safaiyeh Hotel Yazd
  • Lab-e-Khandagh Historical Hotel Yazd
  • Mehr Traditional Hotel Yazd Province Yazd
  • Khesht Abad Hotel Yazd
  • Mozaffar Traditional Hotel Yazd
  • Saraye Kohan Hotel Yazd
  • Pahlavanpour Garden Yazd
  • Yazd Hotel Kourosh
  • Toranj Hotel Yazd
  • Royay Ghadim Traditional Hotel
  • Sigari House Yazd
  • Soroush Traditional Hotel Yazd
  • Yazd Traditional Hotel
  • Parsian Azadi Hotel Yazd
  • Hotel Zanbagh Yazd
  • Malek o Tojjar Restaurant Yazd
  • Morshed Garden Traditional Hotel
  • Pardisan Hostel Yazd
  • Khatam Hotel Yazd
  • Rah o Ma Hotel Yazd
  • Adib Al Mamalek Hotel Yazd
  • Nabavi Hotel Yazd
  • Tehrani Hotel Yazd

Yazd Air port

Shahid Sadooghi Airport

Located ten kilometers from Yazd’s city center, Shahid Sadooghi Airport was opened around fifty years ago. While it is not considered an international airport, there are flights to some of the neighboring countries to and from this airport. Over four million passengers use the services of Shahid Sadooghi Airport every year.

Shahid Sadooghi Airport

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