Easygoiran was founded as the Incoming Tours Department at Million Destination Travel Agency in 2016. Since then, a team of experienced professionals has been designing and operating a myriad of Iran tours. In preparing these tours, we have tried to meet all the standards of comfort and safety of our guests while making the most of their time by designing efficient itineraries so that we can provide them with an unforgettable experience of their travel to Iran.

In our travel agency, a great number of diverse tours – such as sightseeing tours, eco-tours, desert tours safari tours, cultural tours, and photography tours – have been designed.


If you are looking for a more focused and specialized experience when you travel Iran, you should consider choosing one of the available Iran tour package offers. Whether you want to go sightseeing in the cities, experience some of the less known sides of the culture, or soak in the magnificence of Iranian nature, there is an Iran tour package specifically designed for your needs. Depending on the amount of time you are willing to spend, the size of your group, or your personal preferences, you can even opt for particular means of transportation in Iran such as trains, buses, planes, or private cars.

When traveling with large groups, a lot of time can be wasted on coordinating all the members of the group. Furthermore, finding a suitable itinerary to satisfy all the members of a large group is not always possible. That is why if you want to make the most of your travel to Iran, choosing one of the customized Iran small groups tours is your best option. These are tailor made tours iran designed for specific purposes and give you the most flexibility in your travel to Iran.

Iranian nomadic woman

Many different nomad tribes call Iran their home. Their unique way of life and customs, their special cuisines, and their matchless hospitality are all worth experiencing. But their camps are usually located in out-of-way places where accessibility can be an issue, especially for tourists who might not be familiar with the region. With Iran nomad tours, you can experience everything this wonderful way of life has to offer, without worrying about logistics.

Photography opportunities in Iran are almost limitless. No matter what type of subjects you are looking for, Iran is ripe with favorable moments. Its colorful urban and rural life, together with its unique nature and wildlife, can supply ample opportunities for any kind of photographer. To help you make the most of these opportunities, professional Iran tour operators are ready to provide you with the necessary information and arrange for your transportation in Iran.

Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble photography tour of iran
AliQapu Palace in naqshe jahan square in spring at the day light
Private Tour in Isfahan Historical Center and Most Highlighted Ones

Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Royal Mosque, Lotfollah Mosque, Ali-qapoo Palace, Chehel Sotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace, Jame Mosque, Shaking Minarets, Fire Temple

34 $


A rail network of over 10000 km connects different regions of Iran to each other. The vastness of this network, the convenience of traveling with trains and their affordability make Iran train tours excellent ways of enjoying your time in Iran. All major cities and many of the smaller ones are connected to the national rail network.

As the seat of many ancient civilizations, and home to several ethnic groups, Iran is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. Iran cultural tours can provide you with great ways to experience the myriad number of historic buildings, archeological sites, and museums.

Iranian architecture and art in Golestan Garden
The spectacular scenery of Eram Garden of Shiraz in summer

An Iran tour agency can help you find the right Iran sightseeing tours to make the most of your time when you travel to Iran. Whether you are traveling to a city like Shiraz and Tehran, or planning to enjoy the natural beauties of Iranian mountains and deserts, having an Iran tour guide on hand who is familiar with the local points of interests can save you a lot of time and trouble and help you find some hidden gems which you might have missed otherwise.

naghshe rostam necropolis xerxes temple sunny day near shiraz
Unique Cultural and Historical Experience in 15 Days Tour in Iran

Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Kerman

456 $

melal gate and other part of persepolis with a lot of viewer in near shiraz at night
3 Day Shiraz Package Including Persepolis Excursion

shiraz highlights and Persepolis

44 $

chehel soton palace look like isfahan palace in qazvin from safavid dynasty
2 Day Qazvin Package Including Alamut

Qazvin's Sightseeing, Alamut

123 $

Zoroastrian Fire Temple with ancient elemet and fire in center belonge to zoroastrian in yazd
Grand Tour of Iran:All you need to know about Iran

Tabriz, Zanjan, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kerman,Yazd

1,426 $

blue mosque with astonish tile some tiles missed because of earth quake in tabriz
4-Day Cultural and Sightseeing Tour Through Tabriz Highlights

Blue Mosque, Kandovan Village, Grand Bazaar, Tomb of Poets, Azebaijan Museum

64 $

Mausoleum of Avicenna at nice weather in summer best time for travel to hamedan
Wonderful Iran West Package in 1 Week

Sanandaj, Uraman Takht, Paveh, Kermanshah, Hamedan

501 $


The central regions of Iran, where some of the most popular tourist destinations such as Isfahan, Kashan, and Shiraz are located, are also places where you can visit wonderful deserts such as Maranjab and Garmeh. You can enjoy the unforgettable night sky, ride camels, visit the locals and experience their unique way of living, and take pleasure in the desert scenery by using one of the Iranian desert tours.

A ski tour in the best piste of Iran

Iran has two main mountain ranges: Alborz mountain range, which skirts the Caspian Sea, and Zagros mountain range, which is stretched from the northwest to southeast of the country. These heights are home to over a dozen ski resorts which are active from late autumn to early spring each year. Tochal, Darbandsar, Shemshak, and Dizin are some of these resorts which are located near the capital, Tehran, and, consequently, are much easier for tourists to access.

Iran’s unique ecological properties make it a great destination for safari travels. Looking at a map of Iran, you can see that the country’s topography makes it a great destination for travelers looking for an enjoyable safari experience. From vast meadows to mountains and wooded terrains, Iran has it all. Professional guides will be ready to provide you with all the services you might need during your Iran safari tours. Some of the better-known safari destinations in Iran are Meshginshahr, Borazjan, Semnan, and Tehran.

Safari Tours in the mountains of Iran
Birjand Citadel in Birjand City in South Khorasan in Cloudy Day
Adventure Experience in 15-Day Iran Safari Tours

Tehran, Kerman, Shahdad, Lut desert, Birjand, Halvan desert, Mesr desert, Rig-e Jonn desert, Isfahan

130 $

Trekking Tourists in the Sahara

Treks through Iran’s picturesque nature have become one of the most popular tourist activities in recent years. A specially designed Iran trekking tour can provide you with the necessary crew and equipment to help you make the most of your time in Iran. Abr Forest in Semnan, Malak Spring in Mazandaran, Rageh Valley in Kerman, and Latemall Waterfall in Tehran are some of the popular places to visit in Iran.

Rock Climbing in reghez canyon with professional team near shiraz
6 Day Private Trip to Bride of Canyons

Reghez Canyon, Aquarium Canyon, Khoushk Canyon

279 $

alale park in fall with astonish trees amazing road for bike near gorgan
3 Day Gorgan Break in Depth of Jungle From Tehran

Alangdarreh Jungle, Ziarat Waterfall, Bandar Torkaman County, Khaled Nabi Cemetery, Derazno Village and free time to stroll and shop in Bazaar

273 $


If you are looking for some adventure, Iran’s diverse nature can provide you with the right experience. From treks through jungles and deserts, to mountain climbing and canoeing, all kinds of activities are available for those looking for some exhilaration. Matinabad Camp, Zamankhan Bridge, and Farsan Waterfalls are among the popular places to visit in Iran.

Iran is home to over five hundred species of birds. Of these, nineteen are on the list of endangered species which are rare to see around the globe, and two other species, Caspian tit and Iranian ground jay, are endemic to Iran. Iran bird watching tours are specifically designed for bird lovers who are eager to experience this unique natural treasure of Iran.

Tour of free birds in Iran's wildlife
shirez canyon with astonish rocky way in near of khoramabad lorestan
Private 6 Day Tour to Jewelry of West of Iran

Khorramabad's Sightseeing, Shirez Canyon, Gahar Lake

284 $


In addition to the regular on-site team of the tour (or according to the passenger’s wishes), a sizable group of experts will be at your service 24/7 to make sure that everything is carried out according to the plan and that all your expectations are met to have a wonderful trip to Iran.

It should be noted that our tours can be customized according to your preferences to meet your specific expectations and desires. You can refer to this section of the website to get more information about our customized tours.

If you are on a business trip to Iran, in addition to fulfilling all your commercial needs, we can also plan tours related to your profession so that you can have a more memorable time during your stay. For more information, please refer to the mice section on the website.

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