Tabriz Travel Guide

Among Iranian tourist destinations, Tabriz is a unique one. It is a metropolis with a great history and culture, which are influenced by both its Persian and Azerbaijani roots. It is home to many historical buildings and sites, some of which, like Bazaar of Tabriz, are renowned all over the world. Furthermore, the city’s influential figures have been among the central players in many historical events such as the Persian Constitutional Revolution over a hundred years ago, and more recently, the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Indeed, Tabriz is one of the most important stops of Iran cultural tours . To get an all-inclusive picture of Tabriz’s importance in today’s Iran and its many historical sites and cultural monuments, refer to your Tabriz travel guide. Tourists who travel to Iran should be aware of banned things in Iran. You would do well to familiarize yourself with Iran dress code for foreign. Ladies especially should learn how to wear hijab in Iran .

Things to do in Tabriz

There are many things to do in Tabriz, and according to your preferences, you have many options to choose from. Visiting grave sites dating back to the Iron Age, shopping in the biggest indoor bazaar in the world with over 5500 stores, and enjoying a hike in the Colorful Mountains of Tabriz are just a small number of activities you can do in Tabriz. You can find information about these and many other activities in your Tabriz travel guide. There are many tailor-made tours Iran which have been specifically designed for those who want to make the most of their time in Tabriz.

How to get around Tabriz

iran transportation bus maps icon

Tabriz Bus Map

Using the bus is one of the most convenient and affordable ways of getting around the city in Tabriz. Most tourist attractions are located next to or only a short walk from bus stations. You can find a Tabriz bus map in your Tabriz travel guide.

iran transportation Metro Map icon

Tabriz Metro Map

Tabriz metro system is still in its design stage with expansion plans for many years to come. Right now, only one out of its five lines is operational. Despite being in its early stages of development, it has helped reduce the city’s traffic in many of the main streets and intersections. You can find a Tabriz metro map in your Tabriz travel guide.

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Taxi Service in Tabriz

You can use the excellent taxi service in Tabriz when you are in the city. In addition to taking a taxi in one of the many taxi stations in the city, you can call for one to pick you up wherever you happen to be. Taxis are among the most reliable means of travel in the city and their rates are quite affordable.

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Taxi App in Tabriz

If you are looking for a more modern way of using the taxi service, you can use a taxi app in Tabriz. The services these apps provide are fast and often much more affordable compared to regular taxis which you can find throughout the city. For instructions on installing and using a taxi app in Tabriz, please refer to your Tabriz travel guide.

What to See Around Tabriz

Tabriz is a historical city and one of the most important cultural centers of Iran. As such, there are many places like historical buildings, social gathering places, and museums you can visit in the city. The must-see tourist destinations in the city are Bazaar of Tabriz, the Blue Mosque, Qajar Museum, Azerbaijan Museum, Iron Age Museum, and Maqbaratoshoara. For a more comprehensive list of what to see around Tabriz, please refer to your Tabriz travel guide.

The Constitution House of Tabriz

The Constitution of House of Tabriz is a museum dedicated to the history of the Persian Constitutional Revolution, which took place in the early years of the twentieth century. Tabriz was one of the most important bases of the revolutionaries and was where many of the influential movements of the revolution began. The merchants of the city  played a pivotal role in the revolution. Details of the lives of these influential figures and their parts in the revolution can be seen in this museum. The building itself is a mansion dating back to the Qajar era. The stained-glass windows and doors, the beautiful stuccos, and the building’s magnificent architecture make it well worth a visit. Due to the importance of this era in the history of the country, you can find The Constitution House of Tabriz mentioned in any Iran travel guide you see.

Constitution House of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Bazar, motahhari St, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–8PM

Frontispiece constitution house of tabriz
outside constitution house of tabriz
constitution house of tabriz

Arg of Tabriz

Arg of Tabriz, also known as Arg of Alishah, is a citadel that dates back to the Ilkhanate era around seven centuries ago. The building was meant to be a mosque at first, but the plans changed during the initial stages of construction and was turned into a military citadel. It has been the scene of many important historical events during the wars between Iran and Russia in the early years of the twentieth century, during the Persian Constitutional Revolution, and later again as the defense against the Russian troops.

Arg Alishah of Tabriz, East Azerbajan, Tabriz, Emam Street، Iran

Opening Hours: 9:30AM–5:30PM

Night view Arg of Tabriz
Arg of Tabriz
Behnam House

Behnam House

Behnam House is considered one of the most beautiful mansions in the city of Tabriz. It is one of the remnants of the late-Zand and early-Qajar periods. It consists of a winter palace and a smaller summer palace. Like many other traditional Iranian houses, it has two courtyards, one for private use and the other for public use. The interior is decorated with many fine paintings and frescos. During the recent renovations, a number of Persian Miniature frescos were discovered which have been under repair since. Today, the buildings and their grounds are part of Tabriz’s School of Architecture.

Behnam House, East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Nowbar, Ark-e-Jadid, Iran
Inside space Behnam House

Qajar Museum Tabriz

Qajar Museum Tabriz is the name of an old mansion known as Amir Nezam Garousi Estate, which has been turned into a museum. Amir Nezam Garousi was a writer and statesman during the Qajar era who built this house during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. It is a two-story building with private and public courtyards, gardens, and fountains. The interior decorations include stained glass windows and doors, stuccos, and prism mirrors. One of the interesting features of this building is its spacious cellar with its own decorations and fountains which was used as a place to relax during the hot summer months. The museum consists of many different sections dedicated to coins, china utensils, metal utensils, musical instruments, stonework, weaponry, locks, lights, and many more.

Qajar Museum, Sheshgelan, Tabriz, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–7PM

internal space Qajar Museum Tabriz
Qajar Museum Tabriz
Outside Qajar Museum Tabriz
Inside space azerbaijan museum tabriz iran

Azerbaijan Museum Tabriz Iran

Azerbaijan Museum Tabriz Iran is one of the most important museums in the country. Its huge collection includes artifacts dating back to prehistoric era all the way to the modern era. The ground floor is dedicated to ancient and prehistoric eras. All types of statues, tools, and stone and clay decorations all of which are thousands of years old can be found in this section. The 7000-year-old pottery works which have been found in Ismail-abad Hills are among the museum’s most important artifacts. The first floor is dedicated to early-historic and Islamic periods. The most important artifacts of this section are the old seals and coins some of which date back to the Achaemenid Empire era. The underground floor is dedicated to the modern period. The most important pieces in this section are gathered in a collection of works by the famous Iranian sculptor, Ahad Hosseini.

Azerbaijan Museum, East Azerbajan, Tabriz, Nowbar, East Azerbajan, Tabriz, Khiyaban East Azerbajan، مصلای بزرگ تبریز، Iran

Opening Hours: 8AM–7:30PM

azerbaijan museum tabriz iran

Iron Age Museum Tabriz

Iron Age Museum Tabriz, which is located near the Blue Mosque, is actually a historical site where thirty-eight graves from the Iron Age were discovered. The corpses interred in the graves have been important in furthering our knowledge of the Iron Age a great deal. The way they are placed in their graves in fetus-like positions and the objects that were buried with them are of great interest to archeologists. Some of these graves including the objects and skeletons in them can be seen at the museum today just the way they were originally excavated.

Iranian skeleton along with its tools Iron Age Museum Tabriz
Skeleton of ancient Iranian at the Iron Age Museum in Tabriz
Iranian Skeleton with Antiques Iron Age Museum in Tabriz
Antiques Iron Age Museum in Tabriz
Iron Age Museum in Tabriz
Iron Age Museum (1450 B.C.), East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Bazar, Emam St, Iran

Opening Hours: 8AM–2:45PM

The Blue Mosque Tabriz

The Blue Mosque Tabriz

The Blue Mosque Tabriz, also known as Jahanshah Mosque, was built during the Kara Koyunlulars reign over five centuries ago. It owes both its name and its fame to the beautiful lazuli tilework which used to cover its walls. Unfortunately, these decorations have sustained considerable damage throughout the years since their creation due to both natural and manmade causes. An eighteenth-century earthquake was especially responsible for extensive damage to the building, so much that the mosque’s dome collapsed and was destroyed completely. Despite these damages, the mosque’s magnificence is still easily discernible and appreciable by the lovers of beauty even today.

Kabud Mosque., Khiyaban, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
Jame Mosque Tabriz

Jame Mosque Tabriz

Jame Mosque Tabriz is one of the remnants of the Seljuq Dynasty. It has been the social and religious center of the city for over eight hundred years. Its imposing minarets and beautiful shabestan are among the most recognizable in Iran. The building’s stuccos and brickworks are among the finest in Iran as well. This mosque was so important for the people of the city as a social monument that they built the city’s Grand Bazaar, their most important place of commerce, around its building.

Tabriz Central Mosque, East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Bazar, Big Haj Ali Akbar Arcade, Iran
Front view qari bridge tabriz

Qari Bridge Tabriz

Qari Bridge Tabriz, also known as Lights Bridge, is one of the historic bridges of the city which was completed during the Qajar era. It connects Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar to the northern part of the city. It is around a hundred meters long and consists of eight beautiful arches.

Qari Bridge, East Azerbaijan Province, Tabriz, Chay Kenar, Iran

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours

qari bridge tabriz

Pottery Museum of Tabriz

As the name suggests, Pottery Museum Tabriz is dedicated to works of art made of clay and other ceramic materials. It consists of different sections including galleries dedicated to artists from Tabriz, short-term exhibitions, a store where pottery products are sold, an education center, and workshops where masters can be observed at their craft.

Pottery Museum, Bazar, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Opening Hours: 9AM–5PM

outsidePottery Museum of Tabriz
internal space Pottery Museum of Tabriz
Pottery Museum of Tabriz

Bazaar of Tabriz

Considered to be the most important indoors bazaar in the world, Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran. At over a square kilometer, it is the biggest indoor bazaar in the world. While the building of this bazaar dates back to the Zand era, it has undergone major renovation since, especially after the eighteenth-century earthquake, which destroyed some parts of it. It was located on a strategic point on the Silk Road and owed its prosperity to the commerce flowing through that historical financial vein. Even today, with over 5500 stores, Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the most important centers of commerce in Iran. In addition to these stores, this huge complex is home to a number of caravanserais, mosques, and schools.

Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Bazar, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Opening Hours: 6:30AM–9PM

Bazaar of Tabriz
Carpets wholesale Bazaar of Tabriz
Shops Bazaar of Tabriz
arch Bazaar of Tabriz

Nobar Bath Tabriz

Nobar Bath Tabriz, also known as Vazir Bath, is one of the best-preserved remnants of the Qajar era. In fact, the bath was in active use until the end of the twentieth century. Today, it has been renovated and turned into a traditional teahouse and restaurant where visitors can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the building while sipping all kinds of traditional Iranian drinks and having Iranian foods and desserts.

Nobar Bath Tabriz

Khaqani Park

Located between Azerbaijan Museum and the Blue Mosque, Khaqani Park is one of the most popular gathering places in Tabriz. The park itself is of great historical significance as one of the first modern parks in Iran dating back to around a century ago. The park’s traditional atmosphere and its location near two of the most popular historical attractions in the city have made it a favorite spot for tourists.

Khaqani Park, Bazar, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Opening Hours: 7AM–11PM

Khaqani Park
Colorful Mountains of Tabriz

Colorful Mountains of Tabriz

Colorful Mountains of Tabriz, also known as Ala Dagh Lar, is the name given to a series of mountains and hills near the city of Tabriz which are notable for the colors on display in them, which have been created as a result of their soil composition. With their golden, green, blue, and green colors, these mountains are great destinations for those on Iran photography tours.

Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque

Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque, also known as Shah Tahmasb mosque, is located in the central part of Tabriz. A temple to Mitra was built on this site during the ancient period. The current building was built during the Safavid era. Around four hundred years ago, the mosque was destroyed during a military campaign but was rebuilt almost immediately. It was destroyed again in the eighteenth-century earthquake, after which it was under repair for over fifteen years. The dome and minarets of the current building are of great architectural significance due to their unusual shapes. Today, this historical mosque is home to Qur’an and History of Writing Museum.

Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque, Bazar, Tabriz, East Azerbajan, Iran
Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque
Masouleh village with colorful flowers and ladder structure near rasht
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Tehran, Tabriz, Kandovan, Sarein, Masouleh, Ghale Roudkhan, Rasht, Lahijan

250 $

El Goli Garden With Small Lake in Around at the neat Day in Tabriz West Azerbaijan
Tabriz, Kandoan, Sarein From Tehran

Tehran, Tabriz, Kandovan, Sarein

577 $

blue mosque with astonish tile some tiles missed because of earth quake in tabriz
4-Day Cultural and Sightseeing Tour Through Tabriz Highlights

Blue Mosque, Kandovan Village, Grand Bazaar, Tomb of Poets, Azebaijan Museum

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Best Restaurants in Tabriz

When it comes to Iranian food tradition , no other city in Iran is quite as influential as Tabriz. You can see this influence nowhere better than in the best restaurants in Tabriz. The mixture of Azerbaijani and Persian traditions has given birth to some truly amazing dishes which you are not likely to forget any time soon once you have tasted them. To experience this rich tradition of Iranian food culture and get to know Iranian eating habits, we recommend these restaurants in Tabriz: Ana Traditional Restaurant and Garden, Haj Ali Restaurant, Hezar Dastan Restaurant, Shahriar Restaurant, Jalali Restaurant, Reyhan Kebab House, and Qur’ani Restaurant. You can find addresses to these and other recommended restaurants in your Tabriz travel guide.

iranian resturant shade
  • Hezar Dastan Restaurant Tabriz
  • Shahriar Restaurant Tabriz
  • Vahid Restaurant
  • Baliq Restaurant Tabriz
  • Tabriz Modern Restaurant
  • Shazdeh Restaurant
  • Dr Nikk Restaurant
  • Tooska Fast Food Tabriz

Hezar Dastan Restaurant Tabriz

Hezar Dastan Restaurant Tabriz is among the best places to get top-quality traditional Iranian food, and especially those dishes which are considered Tabriz’s local cuisine. All kinds of traditional kebabs and stews, in addition to Tabriz specialties like Koofteh Tabrizi and Tava Kebab, can be found here.

Hezar Dastan Restaurant Tabriz
Inside space Hezar Dastan Restaurant Tabriz
Shahriar Restaurant Tabriz




Shahriar Restaurant Tabriz

Shahriar Restaurant Tabriz is actually a renovated bath house which is one of the best-preserved remnants of the Qajar era. The restaurant’s most conspicuous characteristic and its selling point for tourists is, of course, its traditional atmosphere which, when added to its great service and delicious food, can make for an unforgettable experience for its guests.

Traditional space Shahriar Restaurant Tabriz

Shopping Malls in Tehran

If you are looking to buy a souvenir of Iran , or even just want to add a great memory to your experiences of Iran, Bazaar of Tabriz should be on top of the list of the places to visit when you are in the city. Carpets, leatherworks, metalworks, glassworks, pottery, intricate fabric and textiles, and many other masterful handicrafts can be found here. The bazaar itself is also well worth a visit, and even if you end up not buying anything—which is unlikely—you will not have wasted your time. If you are looking for more modern shopping malls, Laleh Shopping Center, Javaher-e-Tabriz Shopping Center, Crystal Tower, and Tarbiyat Promenade are your best options.

  • The Bazaar of Tabriz
  • Laleh Park Shopping Center Tabriz

Laleh Park

Laleh Park Shopping Center Tabriz is actually is a huge complex consisting of a shopping center with over 120 stores, a 5-star hotel, an amusement park, and a parking lot. Due to its convenient location in the city, it has become one of the most popular shopping destinations for both locals and tourists.

Super Fruit laleh park shopping center tabriz
Parking laleh park shopping center tabriz
laleh park shopping center tabriz
Coffee Shop laleh park shopping center tabriz

Hotels in Tabriz

iranian hotel icon

Tabriz is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran and the industrial center of the northwestern region of the country. All types of hotels which can accommodate a huge number of guests can be found around the city. Whether you are looking for a luxurious experience or prefer something more modest, you will be able to find a hotel to your liking in Tabriz. Pars El Goli Hotel, Kandovan Stone Hotel, and Kaya Laleh Park Hotels are among the best-known establishments in Tabriz.

  • Kaya Laleh Park Hotel Tabriz
  • Tabriz El-Goli Pars Hotel
  • Tabriz International Hotel
  • Darya Guesthouse Tabriz
  • Sina Hotel Tabriz
  • Tabriz Hotel
  • Gostaresh Hotel Tabriz
  • Behboud Hotel Tabriz
  • Morvarid Hotel Tabriz
  • Petrochemical Hotel Tabriz
  • Hatam Guest House Tabriz
  • Aras Hotel Tabriz
  • Hotel Sahand Tabriz
  • Azerbaijan Hotel Tabriz
  • kosar Hotel Tabriz
  • Shahryar International Hotel Tabriz

Tabriz International Airport

Tabriz is of great importance in Iran, both as one of its top tourist destinations and as the industrial center of the northwestern region of the country. Tabriz International Airport is located on the northwestern part of the city and provides services to over five million passengers each year. Direct flights to many cities around the world including Istanbul, Hamburg, Damascus, Tbilisi, and many others are available at this airport.

Tabriz International Airport

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